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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Why do people smoke? There are a lot of reasons, and even though everyone knows it's bad for your health, there are so many people who don't want to quit because it's a comforting habit. I'm a non-smoker, so I'm glad that smoking isn't allowed in most public places, but I understand how people who smoke don't want to have to do without something they enjoy.

Now there's an electric cigarette that for people who can't smoke in public, but they enjoy the feeling of smoking a cigarette after dinner or while having a drink, or for people who are trying to quit, but still enjoy the feeling of holding a cigarette in their hand because it's been a habit for so long. These cigarettes are a great way for people to quit smoking in a healthy way, because it doesn't replace the nicotine and it helps make the transition easier for a lot of people.

"Hot In Cleveland" on TVLand

Posted by Noble Stephens

If you haven't watched "Hot In Cleveland" on TVLand channel, which is on satellite TV from TvByDirect.com, you don't know what you are missing. Betty White is hilarious as ever.

"Hot In Cleveland" is a comedy about three successful Los Angeles women and an 80 year old woman. The three women from Los Angeles were on their way to Paris, France for a few weeks of vacation. Their plane was having some problems, so it landed in Cleveland, Ohio. The three woman loved it in Cleveland. They decided to stay awhile instead of heading back home or to Paris.

The three women needed a place to stay, but didn't want to stay several weeks in a hotel. They rented a house, but the house came with this 80 year old cleaning lady played by Betty White. The three women, who are in their early 40's, learn a lot from Betty White's character and visa versa. There are many misunderstandings because of the age difference.

"Hot In Cleveland" is a favorite comedy sitcom of mine. It has only been on for one season so far. The second season has just started a few days ago. This is a must see comedy sitcom. You will be laughing throughout the whole show.

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