Crime in NYC

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Guest post by Callum Bellow

Recently New York has suffered an increase in violent crime. Those in this area must fear for their lives in addition to a rise in taxes. Though the statistics show only a high single digit increase in violent crime, as the Federal unemployment statistics are manipulated, so are these figures. Any native New Yorker can feel the increase.

It is becoming dangerous for a woman to come home late at night, especially in the economically disadvantaged areas. Worse than this, should the woman make it to her apartment, she cannot be sure someone or some gang is not lurking inside. In Queens, with the influx of the drug gangs, businesses are being shaken down on a regular business.

Though dogs and locks might give a false impression of safety, no woman is safe from the criminals in the economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. This is dangerous in that it gives many a false sense of security, and they let their guard down.One thing my family has done is get a New York city home security system, which helps protect us and our home. It’s made me feel safer, at least.

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