Solar Kits Provide Sustainable Energy

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I love to go camping, but my idea of camping doesn't include roughing it in a tent or cooking over an open fire. I prefer to stay in a camper that has heat, air conditioning, a refrigerator, stove, and bed. Thankfully, there are solar kits that you can use to charge your RV, boat, or cottage batteries by using energy from the sun. You'll no longer have to search for camp sites that have electricity, because you'll have your own energy source.

All you need is a flat surface in order to mount the solar panel. The off-grid solar charging kits include solar panel, cabling, 30 Amp solar charge controller and mounting system. You'll have a continuous energy source that is clean, quiet, and sustainable. For many people, camping is all about getting away from every day life and getting back to nature. Solar kits allow people to truly live off the land.

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