Simple Suggestions For Potty Training Cats

Monday, January 17, 2011

Baby animals are so cute, and kids can't resist them, but it's not so cute when they make a mess in the house, so it's worth taking the time to learn the best techniques for potty training cats before everyone gets so frustrated that they regret getting a cat. Cats can be stubborn and they do what they want when they want, but they will quickly learn to use their litterbox if you follow a few simple rules.

Unlike dogs, cats are generally clean animals, so they usually take to litter training fairly easily. There are simple things that can be done to make potty training a little easier, and it just takes a little effort to help them learn what to do. A couple of suggestions that I read were to keep their litterbox in a secluded area, and have more than one box for them to use.

My kids have been begging for a kitten, and they promised to take care of it. I've heard this story before, and now I'm the one doing all of the work for our two dogs. Well, someone must be looking out for my kids, because we've inherited a stray cat that decided to live at our house. It must be meant to be, because my dogs love this cat, and they usually hate cats!

When she first started coming around our house, she was skinny and had the tip of one of her ears ripped off. She was so sweet and friendly, so how do you say no to that! We started leaving food and water for her under our carport, and she gradually made her way into our house as an indoor-outdoor cat. My only requirement for having another pet in the house is that my girls help take care of her, because I'm not doing all of the work by myself this time!

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