Family-Owned Business vs Big Business

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I live in a small town where you can walk down main street and visit the local town shops. I love the country life and enjoy the unique family-owned businesses that provide a friendly environment.

I understand the importance of supporting a small business (we have our own family business), and want to support the home town economy. I also realize as a consumer, that small businesses can't compete with the prices that national chains can offer.

Nothing compares to the feeling of walking into a local store where you know the owner, and they are truly interested in helping you find what you need. The personal service can't be beat.

On the other hand, when you only have a certain amount of money to spend every month, and the food is much cheaper at a large supermarket in the city than it is in the local grocery store...what choice do you have?

How do you support local businesses and manage to have enough money for everything at the same time?

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