Stimulus Money For Construction... Who Benefits?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Vice President Biden was in Overland Park, Ks. yesterday for the ground-breaking ceremony of the largest stimulus project in the Kansas City area. The stimulus money will go toward widening U.S. 69 to three lanes in each direction from I-435 to I-35. This ceremony was to demonstrate how stimulus dollars are benefiting the construction industry in this area.

This is great news for the construction company that won the bid for this project, however, stimulus money hasn't helped our construction business at all! When politicians state that the economy is improving in this area, do they mention the fact that there are numerous companies bidding on each project, and quite often, the winning bidder actually bid less than what it would cost most companies to complete the project.

The cost of materials, insurance, and gas necessary to complete a project continues to increase, while the amount that consumers are able to spend continues to decrease. When you have to bid a job so low that you do little more than break even, it's hard to be encouraged by the stimulus money!

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