Miniature Mansion

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Anyone who's watched the television show Home Improvement knows how Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor always has to have "more power". This is one of my favorite shows, and now my girls enjoy watching it with me. Perhaps one of the reasons I like this show is because Tim Taylor reminds me of my husband, who also has to find a way to make everything bigger and better. The latest project on my husband's drawing board is to build a dream dollhouse for our girls. It started out as a simple project with a few rooms, and has gradually increased into a major family project!

When he started this project, I never realized how elaborate and realistic a dollhouse could be. He has every detail planned, right down to the dollhouse lighting. They found a crystal chandelier for the dining room and an adorable duck lamp for one of the bedrooms. My daughters are picking out the wallpaper for the dining room and bedrooms. No one wants to help me repaint our kitchen, but they're exciting about painting some of the walls in their dollhouse! It's amazing to see the exquisite detail that goes into creating the miniature furniture. They found beautiful porcelain bathroom furniture for their dollhouse, and I could only dream of having such nice furniture for my own bathroom! If I could shrink myself down and fit inside their dollhouse, I'd be living in my own mansion!

My only concern now is trying to convince my husband not to make it too large, because our house isn't that big, and we need a place to put this dollhouse. Thankfully, he's an excellent carpenter who pays attention to detail, because this house will need to be able to withstand some use from my youngest daughter's friends. I realize that as they get older, they won't be playing with it as often, but this is something that they can pass on to their own children if they take care of it. I want it to be something that they can have fun with. I don't want it to just sit there looking pretty, I just hope they won't let their friends play too rough with it.

Even though I give my husband a hard time about getting carried away with his projects, I must admit that I'm excited to see the final results. It's been fun looking through the selection of furniture with my girls, and it's something that we can all do together. Now if I could just get my family to get excited about doing a few repairs in our house, I'd be all set!

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