What's it Worth to You?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The following video, narrated by Raj Patel, is one that I believe everyone should watch. He discusses our current economic crisis and how we came to be in this situation. He addresses the issue of value and how we relate this concept to our own lives. He makes an interesting point when he states that we've mortgaged our future and call it freedom.

He also addresses the topic of income by pointing out that people in certain professions are capable of making more money in one hour than others make in a year. How have our values become so distorted? Are we helpless to make changes? Are we destined to sit on the sidelines as we watch government officials dictate the outcome of our future and the future of our children? NO! He explains how we have the power to change the course!

He explains this important information in a way that everyone can understand, and he does it with humor that everyone can relate to. He brings up an interesting point about how many people can't afford to buy organic food for their family, but they can afford to buy a value meal at McDonald's. It makes me wonder why it is that people who are on certain government assistance plans that provide meals for young children are only offered coupons for dairy products and concentrated juice? It's a well-known fact that our bodies need fresh fruits and vegetables to maintain good health, yet the government doesn't offer these items? Are they really looking out for our best interest?

This is your life, and you need to take responsibility and understand what's happening in the world around you. Take time to educate yourself. Ignorance is not bliss! This subject reminds me of a line from the Michael Moore film Sicko, when he says that the government doesn't want us to be healthy and educated because it's easier to govern people who are sick and uneducated.

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