More Than Flowers From 1800 Flowers

Saturday, February 6, 2010

When you want to send flowers but you're looking for something unique, try this bouquet of purple roses. I had never seen purple roses before, and they look beautiful in this picture. Red roses are typically sent as a symbol of love, but why not start a new trend by sending flowers in someone's favorite color. Your bouquet can also include other flowers in addition to roses. 1-800-Flowers has an arrangement that includes roses, lilies, waxflower and more. It comes in a red vase with a red cord that has hearts on the ends to give it a special touch.

I found the gift that I would love for my husband to send me. It's a box of strawberries hand-dipped in dark chocolate. All he would have to do is order them online, so he wouldn't even have to leave the house to do something special for me. Of course, doing the dishes and the laundry would also be a nice way to say, "I love you" without having to leave the house. Since I don't see that happening anytime soon, maybe I'll leave the 1-800-Flowers website open on our computer, and he'll get the message. They say the best gifts are the ones you weren't expecting, but sometimes it doesn't hurt to offer a little encouragement.

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