Road Rules

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Traffic signs are there for a reason, and traffic laws exist for people's safety. I admit I don't always drive the speed limit on the road near my house, because it's a wide-open highway where you can see for miles, so it's really hard to stay at 55 mph. I do try to obey street signs, and I've recently been reminded of the importance of safety on the highway.

I live in a small town, but there's a major highway that runs right through town. It's a busy truck route that takes drivers across the country, and sometimes they get in a bit of a hurry and forget to slow down when they're getting closer to town. Recently, a semi truck decided to pass a vehicle in a no passing zone and couldn't see the oncoming van coming over the hill. The driver of the van was a women who had just called her son to let him know that she was on her way over to pick up her grandson. Sadly, she never made it there, because there was no time to get out of the way of the oncoming semi truck. Her son knew that she should have been to his house in a few minutes, because it was only a short drive down the road, but when she didn't arrive or answer her cell phone, he got in his car to see if she was alright. On his way to her house, he saw her van crushed on the side of the road. She was already dead.

The driver of the truck is now in jail, and the trucking company he worked for is being sued. Many lives are destroyed or changed forever because of a senseless accident. Don't get in such a hurry that you put your life or the lives of others in danger. Nothing is so important that it's worth risking your life just to get somewhere a few minutes faster. If something is that important that you must get there right way, make sure you get to your destination by driving safely, or you may not make it there at all.

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