Organic Search Engine Optimization

Friday, June 25, 2010

How often do you scroll past the first or second page of listings when you're searching for something on the internet? I tend to glance through the first page and base my decision on the sites that are close to the top. I believe that these are the sites that are most likely to provide what I'm looking for. This might not necessarily be true, but most people won't take the time to search through page after page of listings. In order to benefit from search engines listings, you need to use keywords that honestly reflect what you have to offer so people who find your site will be more likely to be returning customers.

Your company may be exactly what people have been searching for, but if no one can find your site, it's like you don't exist. You've worked hard to create your business, so let the experts do the work of marketing it on the internet. Trying to keep up with the latest search engine optimization Canada requirements is a full-time job! When you're trying to build your business, you may not have the time it takes to do the research necessary to learn the latest optimization techniques. You need someone who knows what they're doing and knows where to find the latest information. One key to a successful business is being in the right place at the right time, and page one of the search engines is definitely the right place to be.

Clean Air is Nothing to Sneeze At

Friday, June 18, 2010

When you have breathing problems like I do, you realize that fresh, clean air is nothing to take for granted. Indoor air tends to be especially dirty, and the last thing you want to breath is harsh cleaning chemicals. When you want your air ducts cleaned with organic products, contact San Antonio Duct Cleaners. They guarantee 100% of their work, and customer service is their number one priority.

Using the Internet With My Children

Thursday, June 10, 2010

This is a guest post by Jennica Smalls

I am entering a new phase in my life--or should I say my daughter is entering a new phase in her life. Either way she is starting kindergarten in the fall. Very soon, we will be buying school supplies and lunchboxes and backpacks and school clothes. This is so weird to me.

As we are about to enter this stage in life, I suddenly realized that she needs to know some school skills since she didn't go to preschool. I don't believe she needed to go, but readying her for school might not be a bad thing. So this summer, I decided that I am going to take time with her on some educational internet sites using our hughesnet Michigan internet service.

She already enjoys watching videos on hulu and youtube. She enjoys playing games on and tells me to send messages to people on facebook. Through blogging with hughes internet, she has enjoyed getting to know other people and wants to visit them!

I have a very computer savvy little girl, but I think the time has come for me to actually help her to learn some basic skills. So this summer we will visit and other educational websites. I can be pretty protective about the internet even with our hughes internet service. However, I have decided that it can be a great tool as well in teaching basic knowledge.

Crime in NYC

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Guest post by Callum Bellow

Recently New York has suffered an increase in violent crime. Those in this area must fear for their lives in addition to a rise in taxes. Though the statistics show only a high single digit increase in violent crime, as the Federal unemployment statistics are manipulated, so are these figures. Any native New Yorker can feel the increase.

It is becoming dangerous for a woman to come home late at night, especially in the economically disadvantaged areas. Worse than this, should the woman make it to her apartment, she cannot be sure someone or some gang is not lurking inside. In Queens, with the influx of the drug gangs, businesses are being shaken down on a regular business.

Though dogs and locks might give a false impression of safety, no woman is safe from the criminals in the economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. This is dangerous in that it gives many a false sense of security, and they let their guard down.One thing my family has done is get a New York city home security system, which helps protect us and our home. It’s made me feel safer, at least.

Lady Gaga on American Idol

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Guest posted by Alex Stuarts

Tonight I was watching my direct tv family package channels and ended up on American Idol. I have always loved this show, but this year I haven't been really watching it. I don't feel that the contestants are near as good as they have been in past years.

Harry Connick, Jr. was the mentor for the week. He was joking around with the contestants. They seemed to really have a good time with him. They showed a lot of little funny clips with him talking to them.

Lady GaGa performed on this show. She was wearing some weird little outfit like she always does. She had on something that was black with lace. I honestly can't even describe it. She had a lot of male background dancers who were all wearing black shorts that came up really high on their waist and looked funny. Her signing was amazing as usual though.

Next Harry Connick, Jr. performed on the show. He has the best voice. It just melts you to listen to him. After that all of the contestants performed a bunch of his songs that he helped them get ready to perform. I really enjoyed watching them on this performance.

We then found out that Michael Lynche and Aaron Kelly were the bottom 2 for the week. Ryan Seacrest went on to tell us that Aaron Kelly was going home. He was very good, but not my favorite so I am fine with this decision. He then sang his farewell song. I am curious to see who wins American Idol on the finale May 26, 2010.

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