Photo Restoration Keeps Memories Alive

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Photographs capture a moment in time. They offer a glimpse of far away places, and they allow us to see images of people we've heard about but never met. I live far from my parents, but thanks to the invention of photography, they were able to see pictures of their first grandchild right away. Pictures let you feel like you were there, and that makes it a little easier to be away from home. Family is very important to me, so we've used photo restoration to restore some old pictures of my husband's family.

We found pictures that we never knew existed until his mother started going through old boxes. Some of these pictures were too far gone, but many of them could be restored, and now my children can see the faces of their ancestors. It means a lot to me to have these pictures, because it lets my kids see that these were real people and not just names from the past. Now that we've had some of these pictures restored, we're going to have them mounted so we can hang them on the wall. I can only hope that some day, my great-great grandchildren will enjoy seeing pictures of me!

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