So You Think You Can Dance Is My Favorite Reality TV Show

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Authored by Oswaldo Blackburn

My favorite reality TV show is So You Think You Can Dance; this show allows viewers to watch professional dancing. Each year the show begins with try outs in several different cities. The dancers are given one minute to show three judges, all professional dancers themselves, what their skill level is. The dancing is very diverse and includes contemporary, ballroom, tap, hip hop, jazz, and even ballet. Those that convince the judges of their ability are given a ticket to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is where the choreographers give the dancers difficult routines to master including styles that are not the dancer's specialty. The judges are then able to narrow the group down. They usually keep 20 dancers and pair the men with the women. Last season they narrowed down to 10 and brought back previous dancers who they considered to be all stars.

Once the dancers have been paired, each week the pairs randomly draw dance styles to perform and the audience votes for their favorites. The styles vary from ballroom to hip hop; the dancers are amazing and often master these difficult styles. I try not to have a favorite dancer; they always seem to get voted off.

I watch So You Think You Can Dan on DirecTV TV, that way I can DVR the show and I never miss an episode.

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