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Friday, July 3, 2009

Nerve Formula gives you fast relief

You could very well be one of approximately 30% of people over 50 who have nerve damage. Until recently, medical science thought nerve damage was irreversible. Recent research has discovered Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), a protein that contributes to nerve regeneration and repair. This biological substance is essential in the development and survival of neurons in both the central and peripheral nervous system. Our doctor-formulated Nerve formula nourishes this nerve growth factor and stimulates nerve production.

Provides targeted nutrition for relief from:

Diabetic neuropathy
Nerve damage
Chronic pain in the neck and lower back
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other nerve entrapments
Post herpetic neuralgia, sciatica, and facial pain
Nervous tics and muscle contractions
Nervous system dysfunction and loss of sensation.

Supporting Information

NGF is one of six neurotropic factors developed for treating central nervous and peripheral nervous system disorders. It has many roles in the maintenance and survival of nerves.

NGF has in preliminary studies relieved pain and repaired nerve damage caused by diabetes. The discovery of NGF led to a Nobel prize in 1986

Diabetic neuropathy was believed to be irreversible until recently. Damaged nerve cells often don't grow back, or they regrow so slowly that the repair process is unable to keep up with ongoing damage caused by high blood sugars. NGF speeds the growth process so that recovery is possible. Good blood sugar control is expected to speed this repair process as well.

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