Trivita Quick-Relief Gel

Monday, July 6, 2009

Quick-Relief Gel

•Soothing, cool gel helps provide quick relief that lasts for hours
•Works to help reduce inflammation of aching joints and muscles
•Non-greasy, non-staining formula that absorbs quickly so your clothing isn’t ruined

Quick-Relief natural pain products that help increase mobility

Inflammation is at the root of almost all pain, and joint pain is no exception. Inflamed muscles and other tissues need specialized nutrition to support healthy function. TriVita's Quick-Relief gel spreads anti-inflammatory nutrients right to the source of pain without the unpleasant smell of sport creams.

Quick Relief Gel facts:
•Apply directly to painful areas for relief
•Soothing, cool gel with a fresh minty scent
•Non-greasy, non-staining formula absorbs quickly

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