Joey Houssian of Outdoor Adventures Whistler Speaks to the Media

Monday, February 14, 2011

Joey Houssian of the Outdoor Adventures Whistler company will be speaking to the media about the alleged slaughtering of approximately 100 sled dogs. These dogs were said to have been killed due to a decrease in business and stories have been running rampant through the media. There have been conflicting reports as to how the dogs were actually killed and who is responsible for their deaths. It's easy to see how a story such as this can trigger strong emotions, which is why it's so important to find out what really happened.

I think it's going to be very important for people to take a step back from their initial response of wanting to believe the worst and listen to what the company has to say from their perspective. We can only hope that the animals didn't endure what some reports have stated, and that we can learn how to prevent this type of situation from happening in the future if these animals were needlessly killed. Even if they died a humane death, I think many people are wondering if these animals were ever given the opportunity to be adopted, and I'm willing to hear what Joey Houssian has to say.

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