Fun Books For Beginning Readers

Thursday, May 21, 2009

These days it's hard to find books that are appropriate for children to read. There is one set of books that my children love to read-- Junie B. Jones. Whenever they read these books, I can hear them giggling, and they tell me that I just have to hear the funny parts.

There are 27 books in the series, and one Junie B. Jones journal. These stories are written in first person from Junie B.'s perspective. The series begins with her as a kindergarten student, and continues through her first grade year. They deal with everyday issues that young children can relate to such as; trouble with friends, school, a little brother, and getting in trouble at home.

The only concern I have with these books, is that because they are written in the way that a child might speak, some of the words are intentionally misspelled, and many sentences don't make sense at all. That can be confusing and frustrated for children to read at times. However, they are good stories, and Junie B. always learns her lesson in the end!

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