Camelback Displays: Trade Show Display Crowd Control

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The goal of every trade show is to have a large crowd of people see your product. If your display is lost in the crowd of visitors, they may never get the opportunity to see what you have to offer. In order for people to safely and easily look at your display, you need to maintain crowd control. Camelback Displays offers a complete line of crowd control products.

Different barricades may be required depending on the size of your work area. If you're in a small space where stanchions may be in the way, Camelback's wall mounted retractable belts would be perfect. When you need to direct a line of traffic, you may want to use the traditional velvet rope stanchions. Retractable belt stanchions are also available.

For a professional, personalized touch, you can add your logo to the display belts. Help maintain a safe environment for your customers by providing the instant hand sanitizer attachment to your stanchion. Camelback carries a large selection of replacement parts and accessories for their crowd control products. Visit Camelback Displays to find out what products are available to be shipped today!

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