Traditional Martial Arts: Perfection of Character

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Many people say that they don't want their children to participate in karate because they believe it's too violent. Traditional Martial Arts teach that peaceful alternatives or solutions can be found for almost any conflict. Such thinking sounds boring because there is no "thrill of victory." For this reason, all of the hype surrounding the Martial Arts is focused on modern karate. When karate is criticized as too violent, it's due to all Martial Arts and martial artists being put in the same group. Such generalities do a disservice to the traditional Martial Arts.

Another misconception some people have is that in order to study karate, they must also study Eastern religious philosophies. Traditional Martial Arts develop the creativity to approach all kinds of human interaction uniquely and effectively. The benefits of traditional Martial Arts training, unlike modern training, cannot be easily described; they have to be experienced. True karate is a life-long journey of the perfection of character.

People choose to study the art of karate for many reasons. Some are seeking to learn self-defense, while others may simply wish to get in shape. Choosing the right martial arts school is an important decision. Visit several schools and learn which teaching style best suits your desire. Take the time to understand the instructor's teachings on discipline, and self-control. Many people enjoy additional benefits such as: physical coordination, better health and fitness, discipline, improved concentration, and decreased aggression.

People who get in a fight, any kind of fight, do so because they feel they have to prove something about themselves that has been untested or is unknown to them. The accomplished martial artist will create alternatives to violent conflict. When push comes to shove, the accomplished martial artist feels no shame in being shoved. There is no reason to prove what he or she already knows. He or she can walk away knowing that had there been a fight, he or she would have won. For children, such knowledge can be empowering. At a time when they are especially vulnerable to peer pressure as well as the internal pressures of finding their own limitations, Martial Arts instills within them the awareness that there are always options in any given situation.

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