Garden Wind Chimes Create Positive Energy

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Whenever I hear the sound of garden wind chimes, it reminds me of being at my mom's house. They're so peaceful, and we like to sit outside on the patio and enjoy their sound. They come in so many beautiful designs, and they complete the look of her garden. Choosing a different hook is another way to change the look of the wind chimes.

The great thing about wind chimes is that there are so many styles to choose from. You can find something for every garden theme. Since my mom had the opportunity to swim with the dolphins, she chose beautiful pewter garden wind chimes with dolphins. She's had them for a long time, and they never tarnish. My husband prefers a delicate sound, so when he visits her, she puts up her butterfly bell chimes made of cast aluminum.

My mom knows how much I love her garden wind chimes, so last time she came to visit, she bought a beautiful set of bamboo chimes for me. I love the natural look and sound of bamboo. They make such a gentle, relaxing sound, and they look pretty in the front yard of our country home.

I love to use natural materials in my garden, so the bamboo chimes are perfect. They're called 'Spirit Winds Mellow Yellow Wind Chimes', and they are so peaceful. They are designed to create a positive energy flow and bring balance, tranquility and healing to any environment. During assembly, a wax procedure is used to protect the bamboo from the elements, and there are no staples, rivets, or spray-on varnishes that would reduce the quality of the chimes.

So take a moment during your busy day to relax and enjoy the peaceful sound of garden wind chimes, and it might help you feel refreshed and relieve some of your stress!

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