Harviglass: GRP Manufacturers

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The experts at Harviglass have been leading grp manufacturers for over 40 years. Glassfibre reinforced plasic (GRP) or 'fibreglass' is extremely versatile, and is without many of the disadvantages of conventional 'thermoplastics'. It is lightweight, yet very strong. It burns like wood, doesn't melt, and is easily made fire retardant.

Harviglass is known for innovation, imagination and inspiration, and is involved with customers from the earliest stage of development. Their commitment to superior quality, value, and service has earned them many loyal customers. The mouldings that Harviglass produces are used in almost every field.

Harviglass continues to expand and grow in order to maintain their status as a leader in the field of grp manufactures. They utilize the latest moulding techniques, and actively seek out projects that offer the greatest challenge and opportunity to enter new markets.

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