Outdora Presents: Music of the Spheres Wind Chimes

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sit back, relax, and allow yourself to be carried away by the mesmerizing symphony of the Music of the Spheres wind chimes. These beautiful hand-made wind chimes were developed in 1989, and are known as the Stradivarius of wind chimes. Attention to detail is essential, and custom manufactured tempered aluminum tubing ensures that your Garden Wind Chimes withstand the elements and remain rust-free. They are hung from tough synthetic cordage that is resistant to abrasion.

These incredible wind chimes give you the ability to customize the melody to suite your mood. Simply adjust or move the windcatcher to capture the symphony that compliments the moment. They are created in six sizes, and span four octaves that come in eleven musical scales including: Pentatonic, Mongolian, Quartal, Westminster, Chinese, Hawaiian, Gypsy, Japanese, Aquarian, Balinese, and Whole Tone. Enjoy an audio sample of each sound by visiting the Outdora website.

The 30" Soprano is the smallest model, followed by the Mezzo, Alto, Tenor, Bass, Contra Bass, and finally, the granddaddy of them all, the 14' Basso Profundo. The Soprano is designed to produce a delicate yet brilliant sound, while the Basso Profundo produces a deep profound voice with unparalleled sustain. The latest technology is used to precisely tune each wind chime according to the standard orchestral pitch.

The windcatcher, created with the same material and finish of the tubes, is designed to achieve optimal performance in 8-10 mph winds. By sliding the clapper up the central cord and into the ring, you may turn your chimes 'on' and 'off' during strong winds. Music of the Spheres wind chimes are protected by a 7-15 year warranty, depending on the model. A rigorous final inspection is performed on all chimes to ensure high standards of visual and acoustic quality. Outdora offers free ground shipping to customers in the contiguous United States. These superior chimes have received a perfect 5 star rating by satisfied customers.

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