A Barbecue Grill You Can Bake Bread In!

Monday, August 31, 2009

I was searching the Internet, and I found a grill that I just have to buy! It's called the Big Green Egg, and it's exactly what I have been looking for. It comes in five different sizes, so I could use the medium size grill for camping, and the extra large for our outdoor barbecues. This grill does everything from grilling veggies and smoking meat, to baking homemade pizza, bread, and pies! These grills are so popular, that they even have a clothing line for the dedicated "Eggheads", and there is a group that meets for the annual "Eggtoberfest".

Nutrition is so important, and this grill is designed to maintain the natural juices and minimize shrinkage. I know how important this is, because I've cooked food that shrank, and ended up not having enough food for everyone! The Big Green Egg is made of ceramic, and stays cooler than metal grills. This makes me feel safer to use around children. It has the same insulation properties as the U.S. space shuttle, so it retains heat.

One of my favorite features of this grill is that you don't need lighter fluid. You can buy several varieties of wood chips that are specifically designed for the Big Green Egg. They also have their own seasoning line. The garlic and pepper seasoning sounds perfect for grilled chicken!

There are so many accessories available with this grill. They offer an electric charcoal starter, remote smoker thermometer, grill gripper, rack cleaner, natural charcoal, and so much more! The flat Baking Stone allows you to actually bake bread or cookies using your grill. They also have a Half Moon Baking Stone for the large and extra large grills, so you can bake on one side and cook on the other.

I love to cook, but I'm not as excited about the clean-up, so fortunately, this grill is easy to clean inside and out. It's also virtually indestructible under normal conditions, and it has an anti-rust and weather proof surface, which is perfect for someone like me who tends to leave things outside once and awhile! I can't wait to see how the bread and cookies turn out!

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