And it Burns, Burns, Burns. The Ring of Fire.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

One of my favorite songs has always been "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash, so whenever I'm around a fire pit, I think of this song. If you've never had the opportunity to spend an evening sitting around an outdoor fire pit, you're missing out on a great experience of enjoying the warmth of a fire on a beautiful evening. It's one of my favorite things about autumn. We're getting ready to go camping, and I'm bringing our Backyard Fire Ring and Grill. I love listening to a crackling fire while sitting under the stars, and I also want to make sure my children are safe, so we always use the Fire Ring so that no one accidentally trips into a fire hole in the ground. The Fire Ring that I have is so easy to take with you, because it only weighs 18 pounds, and the sides fold up so it can easily be packed for our trip.

I've been trying to decide how I want to decorate our patio, and I found the perfect outdoor fire pit to match the look of our home. It's a beautiful outdoor heater called a Chiminea, and it's also used as a grill. There's a cast iron Chimenea with a gorgeous leaf design that I would love to have! It would give our yard that old-world charm that's so cozy to be around. I'm always thinking of safety, so I noticed that it has a spark screen in the front!

There are so many outdoor fire pits to choose from, that you can find one to match any decor. For those who are looking for a resort-style atmosphere, there is an absolutely gorgeous Fire Pit Table. You and your guests can sit around the table and eat or drink. They have beautiful granite or slate tops, and are definitely the top-of-the-line! I would love to have one of these Fire Pit Tables for my yard, but for now, I'll just have to hope that someone I know will get one of these and invite me to their home. I'll bring the drinks!

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