TriVita Daily AM/PM Multivitamin Supplement

Friday, September 11, 2009

VitaDaily AM/PM

Your body requires the daily replenishment of nutrients to keep you healthy, vibrant, and feeling your best. Each box of VitaDaily contains a month's supply of AM tablets for energy, stamina, and vitality, and PM tablets for cleansing, repair, and restful, rejuvenating sleep.

•Customized day and night formulas
•Conveniently packaged in daily packets
•Essential nutrients from 25 fruit and vegetable concentrates
•Provides energy and vitality in the day, aids in restful sleep at night

For the best health, start with 24 hour nutritional support

VitaDaily AM/PM isn’t just a standard, everyday multivitamin – it’s much, much more. For starters, it contains seven (7) nutrient classes divided into two distinct formulas that support your body’s very different needs, depending on whether it’s day or night.

Helps promote natural energy and vitality with crucial nutrients such as 7 different B vitamins and 25 whole food concentrates.

Helps promote repair, rejuvenation and restful sleep with nourishing nutrients like calcium, magnesium, chromium and essential fatty acids.

Around-the-clock support is only the start of VitaDaily’s benefit -- there’s so much more.

Compare and see – VitaDaily AM/PM is superior

VitaDaily’s Seven Classes of Nutrients
1.Essential Vitamins – to help give your body the energy to sustain and repair itself and all of its systems. And since vitamins can be difficult to absorb, whole foods are included to trigger digestion and ensure absorption of these vitamins.
2.Macro Minerals – for healthy bones, muscles and heart, as well as restful sleep. Pairing minerals with amino acids significantly increases absorption.
3.Trace Minerals – which are essential to hundreds of body functions. Since they’re often missing from most people’s daily diet, over 50 of them are included.
4.Phytonutrients – come from the 25 whole food fruit and vegetable concentrates that are nutritious, easily absorbed and help our bodies absorb and get greater potency and antioxidant protection from all of the nutrients.
5.Enzymes – which are critical for your body’s millions of cells, helping them with growth, reproduction, repair and metabolism.
6.Amino Acids – to fuel energy production, trigger healthy sleep and assist with organ and muscle repair. Essential amino acids must be consumed from outside sources (food or supplements) because your body doesn’t make them.
7.Essential Fatty Acids – are the good type of fats that help support the good health of your heart, brain, joints, skins and glands.

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