Fund Your Organization and 'Go Green' With SelectAFlush

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thankfully, many people are realizing the importance of conserving our natural resources. There is something you can do that will not only save water, but can also provide funding for school programs. Learn how something as simple as a dual flush toilet can save 49 gallons a day for a family of 7 by simply installing a water conservation devise in your existing toilet.

My children enjoy the after school program in our community, and we almost lost this opportunity due to a lack of school funding for anything that is not considered mandatory. The after school program has so many unique opportunities, and we were all sad to think that this program may end. If you talk to someone in your district about using the dual flush toilets, you can show them how you can raise money for programs such as Scouts, charities, sports programs, and other school programs.

This is a great opportunity to 'go green' and raise money for a worthy cause all at the same time! So often, we would like to make a difference, but many changes require a lot of money which most of us don't have. With this opportunity, you don't have to replace any existing equipment, and it doesn't require a lot of time or money. You can purchase a dual flush kit for $29.95. Finally, a realistic way for people everywhere to make a difference!

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