Trivita Co Enzyme Q-10

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Co Enzyme Q-10

•Strengthens your heart and circulatory system
•Supports balanced glucose levels
•Boost immune system response
•Improves energy levels
•Soft gel caps absorb easily

This essential nutrient helps build heart health and cellular strength

You may not realize that CoEnzyme Q-10 is in every cell in your body. It helps regulate the absorption and transmission of oxygen in cells. Studies show that after the age of 50 CoEnzyme levels drop by about 50%, which puts your body at risk for damage. This supplement will help protect your body’s heart, circulatory system, and cellular integrity.

Supporting Information

•Scientists have found evidence that CoQ-10 supplements may provide significant assistance in the prevention of a number of health disorders, especially cardiovascular disease.

•Research conducted at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, and funded by the National Heart Foundation of Australia, has shown that CoQ-10 may be very valuable to those who undergo heart surgery. Investigators found that elderly heart bypass patients given 300 milligrams of CoQ-10 (considered a high dose) recovered better and more quickly than those on placebo. The CoQ-10 helped the heart muscle to pump more efficiently and to better tolerate stress.

A series of studies conducted in Japan demonstrated CoQ-10’s ability to help reduce complications and further heart problems after a patient has experienced a first heart attack.

•CoQ10 may also help to improve the symptoms of periodontal disease and immune deficiency. Some people use CoQ-10 as a performance-enhancer.

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