"Cold Hands, Warm Heart", or " Warm Hands, Fun Vacation"

Monday, September 7, 2009

You've probably heard the expression, "warm hands, cold heart", well, I'd like to think I have a warm heart, but I'd also like to have the warm hands! As I pack for our fall vacation, I'm trying to make sure I have everything I need. I have all the usual things such as clothes, blankets, and my own pillow, but this year I'm going to bring our outdoor heater. My mom loves to sit on her patio in the evening, so this year, I'm coming prepared!

I like to use the table top outdoor heaters because they're safe to use around the kids. They shut off if they're tilted or knocked over, which is a real possibility when they're playing on the patio. Plus, it's cute, and it looks good on her patio!

Another heater that would be safe to use is a ceiling or wall mounted heater. If you're looking for an eco-friendly outdoor heater, you could use the Solaira Cosy Quartz heater. It's odorless and the infrared heaters won't be blown away in the breeze, and they keep the heat right where you need it.

I also found a suspended natural gas heater that I would love to get for my patio at home. I love the look of the wrought iron frame. It has an aerated burner that helps to minimize noise and a safety shutoff. It's turned off with a manual control knob, but you can also use the optional on/off heating control system when the heater is out of reach.

These heaters make the difference between sitting outside in the cold wishing you were warm inside, and enjoying a beautiful evening under the stars while staying warm with a heater that is safe to have around. Enjoy the outdoors this fall, and stay warm!

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