Another Airplane For My Husband's Collection

Friday, October 2, 2009

When did I get so old? My oldest daughter can't imagine not having a cell phone to text her friends, and she thinks I'm making it up when I tell her that we didn't have computers when I was a kid. Technology moves so fast, that I wonder what it will be like by the time my kids have kids ( I can't even think of the word 'grandma' yet ). It really is the circle of life, because it feels like yesterday when I was listening to my parents tell me about all of the things I had that they never did.

I started thinking about all this when I saw a beautiful weathervane that I want to get for my husband. He loves airplanes, and he has so many remote control planes that our office looks like an airplane hanger. I found a biplane weathervane that he would love, and it would look great in our yard. You can choose from roof mounted or garden mounted, but I think I'll go with the roof mounted because we live in an underground home, so our roof is the first thing people see when they drive down our road, and this would look nice.

I was telling my girls about how people used to use weathervanes to check the direction of the wind so they would know which way a storm was coming from. These days, I use my remote control to turn on the television to check the weather. How times have changed! It's still a great way to monitor the wind, because when my husband is getting ready to fly his planes, he has to check the wind direction carefully or it could cost him a plane if he crashes. He's not allowed to buy another one, or I get to buy what I want at the fabric store!

These weathervanes are also a great conversation piece, because they're so unusual that people notice them right away. It's so relaxing to me to spend time outdoors on a nice day in the country. I love the peace and quiet, and the only noises I hear in my yard are the cows across the road and the horse on the land next to us. Having decorations such as a weathervane in my yard helps add to the enjoyment of being in my yard and watching the kids play with the dogs. Now there's a new dog to watch since we got a new puppy, but that's another story!

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