A Sign By Any Other Name...Means You're at the Wrong House!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

We live in the middle of nowhere, which is perfect for me, but that makes it hard for people to find our house for the first time. What makes it even more difficult is the fact that our house is underground, so if you don't notice the chimney and the air conditioner on our roof, you may drive right past our house. This can be a good thing when you want privacy, but I need to put up a sign so that people can find our house when they need to.

This would have been a good thing to have when I had to call an ambulance to help my neighbor who had fallen while trying to get her horse back in the fence. I gave them the address, but because there is no address visible from the street, I had to do my best to describe our location. For some reason, solicitors have never had any problem finding my house, and it always makes me nervous, because I wonder what they're doing out here when there aren't many houses in the area. They must be getting desperate and heading out to the country!

I found a great selection of Whitehall Address Plaques. They make beautiful lawn markers that I could put at the end of my driveway so that people can easily recognize our address. They also make wall plaques, and eventually I would like to put up a stone entrance to our driveway, and I like the look of the Whitehall Address Plaque on the wall.

Another thing that I would like to do with the Whitehall Address Plaques is to put up memorial markers for my dogs. My dogs are like my babies, and I love the idea of having beautiful plaques with their names. Years ago, one of our dogs had puppies, and we kept one of them. He was my little baby, (well, not exactly little...he was a Doberman). We had them for years, and I think it would be special to put up a marker with all of their names.

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