Spread the Word: WA AFL Funding

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Earn $1000's of dollars for WA Football by simply referring travelers to cheaperthanhotels.com. They are offering AFL club funding through grants offered to Western Australia. Many people in the football organization travel to other cities to attend games. Now, there's a way that everyone can help fund WA Football by doing something that they were already planning to do; stay at a hotel.

The Western Australian Football Commission is responsible for the overall development of the game. Football is the most popular sport in Western Australia, with over 110,000 active participants each week. This more than doubles any other sport. Dedication to teamwork, leadership, respect, commitment, and community participation, results in the creation of better communities and provides a significant social benefit.

To learn more about funding by Cheaperthanhotels, please visit their fundraising site. You will find complete details on promotional codes or links that you use to ensure that your reservation will be credited towards the fundraising program. You can also learn about how to raise funds for your own organization.

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