There Must Be Some Mistake...I Didn't Order the Cold Weather

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I think we skipped autumn and went straight to winter. It's October, and we're already turning up the heat and bundling up to go outside. After a long day, I want to come home to a cozy fire and relax with a hot cup of red tea and snuggle with my girls. Our new puppy also likes to snuggle, and last night I ended up with my hot tea all over my lap when she jumped in my chair. I tried to hurry up and clean the mess, so I wouldn't have to hear my husband say, "I told you to keep that dog off the furniture."

I always look forward to the first fire of the year in our fireplace. When it's cold outside, there's nothing more relaxing than sitting in front of a fire, and the crackling sound is so peaceful. The wood needs to be dry and ready to light, so I want to get a Woodhaven Firewood Rack to stack our wood. The large rack holds one full cord of wood, and that keeps it looking nice in our yard. I would also like to use a smaller Woodhaven Firewood Rack in our garage, so we can have wood on hand to keep the fire going all night. We all enjoy the fire, but no one wants to go out late at night when it's cold outside to get more wood.

We usually stock up on wood at the beginning of the season, so I need to have a place to stack the wood, since it might be there a while. If I use the Woodhaven Firewood Rack, I don't need to worry about the wood pile falling over, because it will be secure in a steel rack. These heavy-duty racks are made to last, and have a textured powder-coated finish that hides the scratches. This is exactly what I need, because my children help stack the wood, and they're usually not very gentle.

There's nothing I can do to stop winter from coming, but I'll stay warm and dry in my house. The sun just went down, so it's time to start a fire, make my tea, keep the dog off the couch, and maybe have a piece of toast while my youngest daughter reads a story to me. Now, if I can talk my husband into starting the fire for me, it will be a perfect evening!

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