An Organic Garden of My Own

Thursday, October 29, 2009

This year, I'm trying something new. I've always wanted to have an herb garden, and I've decided that now is the time! This worries my husband, because my ideas usually involve some sort of work for him. I promised him that this time I will do all the work myself. I found a garden greenhouse that is easy to assemble and doesn't require any special tools, so I can handle it by myself.

If you're going to grow trees and shrubs, you'll need a large greenhouse, but I just want to grow a few herbs and flowers, so I only need a small garden greenhouse. I love to eat healthy, so I am excited to grow organic herbs that I can use for cooking. The greenhouse that I want to use is called a Redwood Cold Frame Greenhouse. It's a two foot wide, four foot long, 16 inch deep nursery that will be perfect for what I need. I thought about getting a large greenhouse, but since this is my first attempt at growing my own herbs, I better not get in over my head!

I've never had a 'green thumb'. In fact, my mother-in-law has given me many plants that were thick and beautiful when she gave them to me, but when she came to visit, all that was left was a thin, dying plant that didn't look anything like the plant she gave me! I'm hoping that the problem was the lighting or the temperature in my house, and not me! By using one of the garden greenhouses, I'll be able to find out if the problem was me all along!

If all goes well, I would like to advance to the Patio Lean-To Greenhouse. It's designed to attach to any vertical wall, and has has two front doors and a roof vent with auto opener. It's the perfect way to be able to enjoy my flowers while I'm on the patio. It's also easy to assemble, and even comes with an assembly instruction video, but it is larger, so this one may involve having to ask my husband for a little help.

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