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Thursday, October 29, 2009

When you send flowers, how do you decide which flowers to send? Maybe you choose your favorite color, or the favorite flower of the person receiving the gift. Some people make their selection by simply choosing the flowers that they feel are the prettiest. Are you aware of the traditional meanings of some of the most well-known flowers? Some flowers have special meanings to people because they have memories attached to them, while others hope to convey a specific message with their meaning.

Whether you're sending a single flower or a mixed bouquet, you may want to be aware of the meaning of the flowers you're giving to ensure that you're sending the intended message! Here is a list of some of the most popular flowers and their traditional meanings. Many of these flowers can be found at

Baby's Breath- Festivity
Pink Carnation- Gratitude
Daffodil- Chivalry
Daisy- Innocence
Gardenia- Joy
Iris- Inspiration
Lilac- First Love
Calla Lilly- Regal
Magnolia- Dignity
Orchid- Delicate Beauty
Pink Rose- Friendship
Pink Tulip- Caring
Red Tulip- Declaration of Love
Violet- Faithfullness

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