Steve Stevanovich: Understanding Mathematics and the Financial Markets

Monday, October 19, 2009

Stevanovich Center Professional participation is essential for the Masters Program in Financial Mathematics, and Steve Stevanovich supports this effort. The Stevanovich Center will serve as a place where University of Chicago researchers can meet to discuss the advancement of the mathematical basis of the financial markets. Visitors from the marketplace as well as academia are also welcome to discuss and debate ideas. Steve Stevanovich understands the necessity to utilize a combination of ideas from researchers as well as clinical experience in order to ensure the advancement of the understanding of the financial markets.

Steve Stevanovich supports the idea of advancing the understanding of the financial markets by combining the wisdom of professionals who have acquired knowledge through daily experience along with the discoveries of academic researchers. Join Steven Stevanovich in this journey of furthering the understanding of the relationship between mathematics and the financial markets by attending one of upcoming seminars or conferences in Chicago. For details on any of the upcoming events, please contact the Stevanovich Center for Financial Mathematics.

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