The Craft Fair: To Sell or not to Sell

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Local crafters are once again preparing for our town's annual craft fair. It's a large fair; about 150 booths of various crafts. Everything is welcome as long as it's homemade. Each year, I think about setting up a booth, but until now, I have remained an observer. I enjoy walking around, and admiring the beautiful work of others.

I love to do machine embroidery, quilting, and sewing. I usually make things that I think other people would like, and I give them away as gifts. I enjoy making things for fun, because there is no pressure for deadlines, or wondering if it will meet a customer's expectations. I can't handle the pressure!!

This year, I'm considering making and selling a few things, since I'm starting to accumulate a lot of fabric that I need to use up before I buy more! I have sold some things on eBay, but I worry about setting up a booth, and having people walk by uninterested. I realize that they may be looking for something different, but what if they do want what the types of things I am selling, and they just aren't interested in mine! I guess you never know until you try! I should get started if I'm going to have enough to fill up a display!

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