Calling All Backyard Chefs

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Since 1979, Kansas City, Mo. has been host to an annual barbecue contest called The American Royal Barbecue Contest. This contest is often referred to as "The World Series of Barbecue". Held in October, there are two separate contests during the four day competition. The first event is strictly for teams who were invited due to winning other qualifying contests throughout the year. The second contest is open to any teams and is the largest championship barbecue contest in the world.

In 2007, there were 496 teams entered in the competition. There must have been barbecue grills as far as the eye can see! The rules state that the contestants must cook at least 10 pounds of beef, pork or lamb. Judges are to consider the entries on a scale of 10 ("Super Excellent") to 1 ("Not For Me!"). Psychiatrist Rich Davis considered giving up his medical practice after winning first place for his now famous "KC Masterpiece".

There's something special about getting together with a group of friends and having a barbecue. My husband claims that he can't cook, and when he's in the kitchen, the most I can hope for is something that could be heated in the microwave. But when we get together with friends, he suddenly becomes a chef who marinates the chicken and prepares the vegetables with just the right seasoning. All someone has to do is start preparing their BBQ grill, and suddenly, he loves to cook.

Barbecuing has become and art form, and barbecue grills can be found to accommodate even the most discriminating tastes. You can even have an outdoor kitchen built in your own backyard. They include everything from basic grills to the most elaborate grilling stations that include warming drawers, beverage stations, and every accessory you could possibly imagine to serve friends and family. If it would get my husband to cook more often, it might be something worth looking into!

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