I Want to be a Ballerina When I Grow Up

Monday, November 16, 2009

At some point in almost every little girl's life, they dream of becoming a ballerina. I still remember trying to stand on my toes, perform a pirouette, and imagine I was wearing a beautiful ballet outfit. Now, I want to do everything I can to help my daughters live their dream, but I have to stay within my budget, so I always do comparison shopping for dance shoes. I enjoy watching them dance when they don't realize anyone is looking, and I can see them dancing in their own mirrors. I guess some things never change!

Participating in dance class is one of the first activities that girls can get involved in to learn motor skills, teamwork, patience, and social interaction. My daughters have been taking dance classes since the age of 3, and it's been incredible to watch them develop their skills and confidence. Recitals are also a great way to get the family together, because grandparents can't resist seeing their grandchildren in their recital costumes.

These days, dance classes include lessons in ballet, tap, and jazz, and they all require different shoes. This can get expensive, so if you want to compare prices and get the best deal, go to Zappos.com. They offer free shipping both ways, so if for some reason you're not satisfied, you have 365 days to return your shoes. You can't beat that! You can search for the shoes you're looking for by brand, price, or color. Capezio is one of the most well-known names in dance shoes, but there are many brands available in various price ranges. Dance recitals may require a specific color shoe to match the outfit, so keep this site saved in your "favorites" so you'll remember where to get the shoes you need for your ballerina.

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