Cooking with Copper Cookware is Eco-Friendly

Friday, November 27, 2009

There are many benefits to using copper cookware. Copper is the most environmentally friendly cookware for more than one reason. First, it takes very little heat to turn copper in its original state into a pan, because copper is already a natural product. Second, it requires less energy to cook with copper cookware.

Ruffoni Cookware offers beautiful copper cookware that looks elegant in any kitchen. Once you cook with copper cookware for the first time, you're unlikely to go back to anything else. It's no wonder why all great chefs have a few pieces of copper cookware in their collection.

If you're new to cooking with copper, try these suggestions for your first few recipes; Practice simple recipes at first to get used to the difference in heat, Always start your copper pans on low heat, Never add salt to an empty pan or non-boiling water, and Wash in hot soapy water and immediately. When you're ready to add to your copper cookware collection, visit the Ruffoni website to find great deals and free shipping.

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