Join the 'YouSayToo' Blogging Community

Friday, November 6, 2009

Do you spend hours researching and writing articles only to discover that no one is reading them? Some people are interested in starting a blog in order to share ideas with people throughout the world, while others are seaking to learn how to make money blogging. I found a simple solution that will increase traffic to your site. YouSayToo is a website that allows bloggers to add their website and increase traffic to your posts. Everytime you add a new post on your blog, it will be added to your YouSayToo blog.

They also offer a revenue sharing program through Google AdSense and/or Amazon Affliate IDs. If you're interested in donating to a worthy cause, you can have your revenue earnings sent directly to the cause of your choice. Visit the YouSayToo website and watch a short video that shows you the step-by-step process of adding your blog to their site.

If you're interested in blogging for money, here is the perfect opportunity to attract more readers to your site, and earn revenue from ads placed on your blog. They provide a list of recommended topics to write about that will help you gain additional readers. You can also join in discussions with other bloggers and ask serious questions, or simply connect with other bloggers and enjoy the feeling of being part of a community.

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