Myrtle Beach, Here I Come!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I've already had enough of the cold weather, and I'm ready for a vacation. I live about as far from the ocean as you can get, so I would love to take my children to the beach. We have a few lakes near our home, but it's nothing compared to smelling the ocean air, and enjoying the sounds of the ocean. I have a friend who lives in Myrtle Beach, so that would be the perfect chance to see an old friend and enjoy some time away. I prefer to have my own place to relax at night, so I've been looking into some of the Myrtle Beach accommodations. I found a beautiful resort called The Horizon at 77th.

My criteria for the perfect resort is one that offers relaxation, comfort, quality, and is conveniently located. I know, I don't want much, do I! Well, the Horizon at 77th offers all of these features, so I think it will be the perfect choice. When you're trying to plan your vacation around the entire family's interests, it's important to select the Myrtle Beach Accommodation that will be near the activities that your family has planned.

If you want a Myrtle Beach Hotel with your own private balcony and indoor and outdoor pools, this is the place to be. I want my children to have fun, and we all want a little room to spread out at night, so it will be nice to stay in a suite. You can't enjoy your vacation if you don't sleep well at night, so take the time to check out The Horizon at 77th. Your family with thank you!

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