It's not Lunch Time Until You Hear the Bell

Monday, November 2, 2009

When we first moved to our small town years ago, I wondered why I kept hearing a bell in the afternoon. I heard it every weekday at noon, and I finally asked someone what it was. They actually ring a bell to let everyone know that it's time for lunch! It's just like being at home and hearing someone ring the dinner bell. Not everyone gets to eat lunch at exactly twelve o'clock, but this is farm country, so it lets the farmers know that it's time to take a break! It's one of the things I like about living in a small town. It really gives you a sense of community.

I've always loved the sound of bells. They're so peaceful, and they give me a cozy feeling. I love to hear bell wind chimes on my patio. I found the cutest acorn windbell. I never realized how much work went into creating a wind chime to get just the right sound. The company that produces the Woodstock Acorn Windbell creates their cast iron chimes in the same way that they have been produced for thousands of years. They're designed to achieve the finest tuning possible. It amazes me how much work goes into something as small as the acorn bell.

I found a unique bell that I had never seen before. It's much softer than the sound of a dinner bell, but still loud enough to be enjoyed by everyone nearby. It's called a Water Bell Fountain, and it would be great in the house or outdoors. It has a fountain in the center, so water is constantly moving the bells around in the water. There are two floating bells that swirl around six fixed bells. It would be great if you want to enjoy bells in your home, because they don't need wind.

Every country home needs a farm bell. When my husband and children are out on the back of our property, there's no way I can yell loud enough for them to hear, and believe me, I can yell loud! I like the classic rooster bell. It completes the classic look of a country home. Whether you need to call family inside for dinner, or you simply want to enjoy the delicate sound of smaller bell chimes, everyone should take a moment to enjoy the classic sound of bells and chimes.

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