Treat Yourself to a Healthy Meal

Thursday, November 12, 2009

There's an easy way to get your children to eat nutritious vegetables. If you're children aren't interested in fresh or canned vegetables, try grilling them with a little olive oil, and they taste so great, even kids can't resist! We try to eat as healthy as possible at home, but it seems like we're surrounded by junk food everywhere we look. Why is it considered a treat to eat something that has no nutritional value and can actually do harm to your body? A treat should be something that tastes great and is good for you. Grilling vegetables on a Viking Grill is a fun way to have your children take part in preparing the vegetables, and it will help them get excited about eating the food that they made.

Lately, when my kids are watching television, I keep hearing a commercial with the slogan, "Share more than meals at the dinner table." Well, we homeschool our children, and we're together all day, so by the time dinner time arrives, we've had plenty of "togetherness." We don't need to catch up on what we did that day, because we were all there! I do like to have my girls participate in making meals, because I want them to have the independence to be able to prepare their own meals when they're older. They're still not quite old enough to actually use the appliances, but they can help prepare the food and get everything ready for my husband and me to grill on a Viking Grill. They love to tell their friends that they made dinner!

If the taste of the grilled vegetables alone isn't enough to get your children eating healthy, try dipping them in a little ranch dressing. Many salad dressings are made with MSG, so if you're looking for a healthier option, there are many natural dressings available. I've recently been reading some interesting grilled fruit recipes that I can't wait to try. I never realized that you could grill bananas or nectarines. Viking Grills are the ultimate grill for professional chefs and backyard enthusiasts. Their outdoor grills are loaded with the most powerful standard grill burner in the industry, so unless you're Tim Taylor from "Home Improvement", you won't need more power!

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