Eco-Friendly Flooring That Looks Beautiful

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I've always wanted hardwood flooring, but I also have children and indoor pets who might ruin a delicate surface. I want to be comfortable in my own home, and I don't want to be constantly worrying about sractching the floor. I've heard about Pergo Laminate Flooring, and this could be the perfect solution. It's made with a patented surface called TitanX, and has two to three extra layers of protection, making it resistant to imacts and scratches.

I prefer carpet in the bedrooms, because it gives the room a cozy feeling, and my kids enjoy playing on the floor of their rooms. I need a color that will hide the stains they leave from the food that they weren't supposed to have in their room in the first place! For those who prefer natural fibres, you can find carpet that's made of 80% wool. New carpet may leave an odor due to adhesives or underlay, so it's a good idea to ventilate rooms, and the smell should disappear within a few days.

If you're interested in eco-friendly flooring, consider cork flooring. Cork has a hard and irregular structure, and each cork tree must be 20 to 25 years old before it can provide its first harvest of cork bark. Cork harvesting is made in a sustainable manner and does not harm the tree in any way. All cork is used. Not one gram of cork is wasted, even cork dust is used to generate energy. I had never heard of this type of flooring, and it is definitely an option worth consideration. It's incredibly beautiful!

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