I Get First Dibs on the Shower

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Everyone wants their privacy and independence, and now there is a simple way for the elderly and disabled to enjoy safety and comfort by bathing in one of the beautiful walk in tubs. These tubs open from the side, enabling you to walk in without having to step over a traditional tub wall. Textured floors prevent slipping, and anti-scalding mixing valves prevent injuries. Seabridge Bathing manufactures and distributes seven models of walk-in tubs.

Customers have continually praised the comfortable soft seat cushion that's available on select models, and others enjoy the 16 air jet massage. They come in a variety of styles to accommodate specific needs and coordinate with your home decor. You can schedule a free home consultation that will help you make the best selection for you home. You can also speak with a consultant to answer any of your questions.

For some reason, my children always feel the need to wait until I get in the shower to ask me a question. I think they know that they can take advantage of this moment, because I'll say whatever it takes to have a moment of privacy. Everyone should have the option of bathing in privacy, and these bathtubs offer that ability.

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