Wholesale Gemstone Beads

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Beadsofcambay.com offers jewelry designers an impressive collection of gemstone beads to accomodate endless design possiblities. Their extensive inventory includes semi precious and precious gemstone beads that could be used to create an exquisite piece that will be handed down for generations. The internal characterists of the Amethyst Checkerboard Tear Drop Briolette capture the light brilliantly, as well as capturing the eye of anyone who sees this georgeous gemstone. Ruby in Zoisite is an incredibly elegant gem which was discovered in 1954. Due to the fact that this is a one source stone, it is considered a rare collector stone. The contrasting red and green colors, combined with the unique characteristics of each stone, create an unforgettable design.

Also available from beadsofcambay.com are some of the most unique pearls that can be found. Round white pearls are always in style and could easily be combined with pearls of additional shapes and colors to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece. White or off white pearls would look stunning when combined with wine or burgundy pearls. The possiblities are endless when you combine additional colors including, mauve, blue, brassy, chocolate, copper, orange, pink, peach, or coffee to create pieces that relfect individual styles. Beadsofcambay.com provides discounts on wholesale beads when larger orders are placed. You can save up to 30%, and shipping is always free in the continental U.S. on any order over $50. Don't forget to visit their home page and sign up for the shopping spree worth $500 at beadsofcambay.com.

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