Healing Properties of Linen

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Since early times, linen has been reputed to possess curative properties. The word flax meant "being most useful" in Latin. Linen has been scientifically proven to have healing properties by the present-day studies. Linen is the only natural material utilized for internal sutures in a surgical setting. Flax cell is highly compatible with the human cell thereby producing a benevolent effect on the human organism. The human cell is capable of completely dissolving the flax cell. This is why linen fabric is used in surgery for internal sutures.

Many fabrics are not breathable, but linen possesses high air permeability and heat. The heat conductivity of linen is 5 times higher than wool and 19 times than silk. This means in hot weather, people dressed in linen clothing are found to have a lower skin temperature than others wearing silk or cotton garments. One more thing, interesting about linen - according to some studies, a person wearing linen clothes perspires 1.5 times less than when dressed in cotton clothes, and twice less than when dressed in viscose clothes. Meanwhile, in cold weather, linen works in reverse, proving ideal for retaining warmth.

Linen fiber also reduces solar gamma radiation by nearly half and protects the human organism against solar radiation. Flax fiber from contaminated soils appears not to exhibit even traces of radiation.

Many individuals have testified that their healing was rapid when wearing linen. Post injury or surgical pain was substantially reduced (without the use of prescription or over the counter drugs) when using linen bandages and wearing linen clothing. It is also said by cancer patients being wrapped in linen as a treatment therapy. Since linen has the highest energy vibration of any natural fabric, this makes perfect sense. When the body is surrounded by linen fabric, the uplifting effect is noticed.

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