They Know What You're Talking About

Saturday, December 26, 2009

VeCommerce is a leading voice security system provider. They assist organizations by providing technologically advanced telephone software that improves efficiency, increases revenue, and improves security and privacy for consumers. They employ the latest speech recognition and communications technology to 'understand' the caller. This allows the caller to speak their request into the phone, so they are directed to the person who will be able to assist them. This also allows for shorter hold times.

Biometric Software provides a secure method of recognition that is difficult to duplicate. A voice has over 100 separate characteristics, which means that Voice Biometrics can be used as a secure method of verification. This is much safer than offering personal information over the phone that could be used to access your valuable information. Voice recognition is more effective than traditional IVR technology. It is capable of handling complicated menus which makes it user friendly. This advanced system has earned an international patent in the area of biometric technology.

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