Fall Asleep Naturally

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I'm not sure where the expression, "Sleeping like a baby" came from, because my kids never slept through the night until they were at least one year old. If they slept for two consecutive hours, I was having a great night! My kids are a little older now, but they're still light sleepers, and they always manage to hear when I'm trying to sneak a late-night snack after their bedtime. They can't hear me telling them to pick up their toys, but they always know when I'm having a snack in the kitchen! My sister has used a white noise machine for years, and she says that it's helped her get a good night's sleep on many occasions. I figured it was worth a try if it would help my girls sleep through the night, and I was pleasantly surprised that it really works!

A sound machine provides a peaceful background sound that blocks out other noises in the distance. It helps if you have noise outside your window (such as a neighbor's dog that won't stop barking), or noises in the house that might be startling if the room is too quiet. Restful sleep is crucial to having the energy for the next day. If you're a restless sleeper, these machines are the perfect way to help calm your mind and help you fall asleep peacefully. When you don't rest well, it's much more difficult to concentrate at work or even focus on the tasks of the day. You can adjust the tone and volume on these machines to set it for the perfect level of relaxation. They're ideal for the entire family, so no one has to tip-toe around the house while someone else is trying to sleep.

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