Specialized Building Solutions

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Epoxy flooring is resistant to many chemicals and is able to withstand high wheel traffic. Epoxy flooring solutions are used for anti-static, hygenic areas such as computer rooms, laboratories, and assembly points. They can be made to correct falls to drains, or used in non-slip areas such as ramps. The pleasing asthetic quality of epoxy, combined with it's durability, allows it to be used in businesses such as car showrooms and railway stations. Other uses for epoxy flooring are; printing houses, factories, food preparation areas, bakeries, warehouses, pharmaceutical laboratories, car service garages, and wash bays, along with many additional possiblities.

While it's true that nothing is completely fire-proof, there are steps you can take to reduce the rapid spread of fire throughout a building. Fire rating solutions maintain structural integrity for as long as possible by containing the fire and counteracting the spread of flame throughout the building. Water-based thin film intumescents offer a protective coating which allows steel structures to resist the damage of fire for longer. Additional fire rating methods are available including; Intumescents, fire Sprays, fire Board/cladding, fire walls and concrete encasement, and collars.

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